Content creation

Our team of experts specialise in creating educational content in print or digital formats and have worked with many of the most prestigious European and Latin American educational publishers.


We love:

  • creating bespoke content to established deadlines and budgets for language teaching and for teaching curricular content in a foreign language (CLIL) projects;

  • devising content proposals that meet market needs identified by us or by you;

  • discovering and managing talent in the fields of writing, editing, proofreading, technical revision, illustration, infograph creation, design and layout;            

  • creating great video scripts for our clients' training and promotion needs.

  • packaging editorial solutions driven by local needs, wherever our clients may be.

Image by Amador Loureiro
Image by Andras Vas

Content curation and translation

Let us manage your content curation, for reprint, update or format conversion.

Whatever the language you require, we also do translation from and into the language you require.

Content positioning

We are passionate about singing the praises and benefits of your school, brand, catalogue or services and love helping you to:

  • create original copy (advertising, web, press releases and blogs);

  • devise and implement advertising campaigns that attract loyal and potential customers;

  • manage your social networks to maximise their reach and effectiveness; 

  • produce market and niche analysis and reports.

Image by Rick Mason
Image by Jake Stephens

Content promotion

We liaise with education professionals from around the world to promote your content and publications by:

  • presenting materials;

  • training teachers;

  • organising storytelling and culltural sessions for students.