Teacher training

We design, teach and evaluate teacher training programmes adapted to your school. This service can be provided through official funding agencies or from within a working group supported by your centre.

We organise programmes to:

  • improve the proficiency and confidence of your teachers in a language and help them pass official exams for the necessary accreditation;

  • extend the reach of your CLIL methodology;

  • optimise the use of ICT and Robotics in the classroom;

  • mentor your teachers and give them continuous training: "A helping hand".

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In-school performances 

Through the best magic, fascinating cultural talkslively science sessions, virtual trips and storytelling, we motivate your students with great, age-appropriate material.

Unusual and innovative, these sessions are offered entirely in the target language, encourage audience interaction, and last approximately 50 minutes.


Language immersion camps

Our camps are designed by teachers and health and safety specialists to ensure unforgettable learning experiences.

And we have a go at everything from kayaking and dancing to cooking, Robotics and even snail watching!


In addition, we run a residential CLIL course for teachers in parallel with these camps to give CLIL professionals the opportunity to observe best practices on site.

Because teaching is learning.


Language assistants 

To reinforce the communicative aspect of teaching languages in schools, we provide and coordinate teams of qualified native speaker language assistants.


With our experience and resources, we:

  • give motivating, dynamic and age-appropriate sessions;

  • support plurilingual and bilingual programmes with an approach to CLIL that makes science and technology, art, music and physical education come alive;

  • adapt to the teaching ethos and initiatives of your school.


  • provide linguistic and methodological support to your teachers.