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Ana Demitroff


Ana is proud of the fact she has kept her foot in the classroom for over three decades. She has been a further education lecturer in the UK, a language school director and a teacher trainer on courses and events held across Spain, Portugal and Tunisia by official agencies, European projects and publishers such as Edelvives, Macmillan Iberia and OUP Spain. Her passion is CLIL in Preschool and Primary and she loves being sent by the local government to visit schools across Galicia. She holds a MA from the Institute of Education at the University of London and the Spanish pre-service certificate (CAP) from Santiago de Compostela University. 

Will Varney


Will has been teaching English as a foreign language for the best part of twenty years, first in England and now in Galicia. He has a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. He has worked in-house for publishers in Spain, as a teacher trainer and in the past, as an examiner in the UK. Will has experience in various roles, including that of editor, materials developer, and author. His main teaching interest lies in overcoming the challenges of CLIL in Spain, and also more recently, in creating engaging and effective online learning experiences for young learners and adults alike. 

David Morrison


David holds an MSc in Computing Science Applied to Language Learning and has worked in the ELT and CLIL classroom for as many years as he has worked in educational publishing: fifteen in both cases. He is a published author, CLIL consultant, teacher and editor and is particularly interested in the effects of educational legislation on daily teaching practice in Upper Primary and Secondary CLIL classrooms.

Gail Butler

Gail is a UK-qualified teacher and teacher trainer with over twenty years of experience in the educational sector. Throughout this time, she has worked as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, publishing developer and freelance ELT/CLIL materials' writer. She has significant experience of ELT and CLIL-focused course design, as well as collaborations with teachers and educational centres across Spain. Gail was a member of the winning team to be awarded the APEL prize for Innovation in eLearning in 2015, and co-coordinator of a project that reached the finals of the 2016 ELTon awards. 

Anabel Reis Alves

With more than twenty-five years of experience and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics, Anabel has been the DoS of a language school in northern Portugal for over twelve years and is a regular speaker at conferences both in Portugal and Spain. As a teacher trainer, she has provided training to state-school teachers in Portugal as well as primary teachers in Tunisia and has also organized several conferences in Portugal to provide further training for in-service teachers. A Cambridge English assessment specialist (oral examiner), Anabel is also the co-author of a coursebook for 7th grade published by Raiz Editora. Her main teaching focus for EFL and CLIL lays in gamification to foster motivation, using technology in and out of the classroom to promote digital literacy and project-based learning, thus encouraging student practices such as collaboration, critical thinking, authentic communication and creativity, along with other 21st century skills.

Fran Seftel

Originally from South Africa, Fran Seftel is an EFL and CLIL teacher at Colégio do Ave in Guimaraes and International House Braga, both in Portugal. She has many years of experience at all levels, but her special interest at the moment is teaching kindergarten and primary school children, through a holistic approach which integrates English into a range of interconnected areas, like social and natural sciences, maths, art, music, drama, PE and play routines. Fran is also the Portuguese coordinator of three Erasmus+ projects, in collaboration with other European countries, two of which focus on learning English through stories and free play, and one that explores English through STEAM projects.

Jetro de Château

With over 25 years' experience teaching students of all ages and training teachers across Europe, Jetro is passionate about using technology to empower learners and teachers. He is especially interested in hands-on / brains-on learning and CLIL with a STEAM focus. Jetro runs robotics classes for primary students as well as technology workshops for educators and is also a trained musician and talented storyteller, two worlds that he loves to bring together in his training sessions.

James Orange


James has been closey involved in both product development and the promotion of English language materials for both Oxford University Press and Macmillan over the past thirty years. He has organised events, developed teacher training programs and managed sales teams across north western Spain. More recently he toured Spain engaging school audiences with an original series of interactive cultural talks in English, which were then adapted both for You Tube and live online delivery.

Margie Marc


Margie has an M.A. in Teaching English to Young Learners and another in Gender Studies. She has worked as a lecturer, teacher, teacher trainer and educational consultant for more than thirty years, both in the UK and in Spain. While working for Macmillan Education, she regularly spoke at national conferences, delivered training in teacher centres and schools and was responsible for methodology and coursebook material internal and external training. Margie currently works as a teacher and teacher trainer.